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Chasing Infinity


Chasing Infinity
39 .wav Royalty-free Samples
31 minutes
Melodies, Synths
492.4 MB

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Chasing Infinity is a sample pack that focuses on generation loss via cassette tape. Each sample was recorded to cassette tape and back, various times, to create an even more dark and lo-fi timbre. Most of the samples are free form, and not to a grid. The best way to use this pack is by dragging in audio to the timeline and warping/mangling it as you see fit. This can lead to some really cool and unique musical ideas.

Source instruments include:
Prophet 6
Prophet Rev 2
Moog One
Oberheim Matrix 1000
Various resampled VSTs

Tape Machine:
Tascam Porta02 4-Track Cassette Recorder

39 .wav Samples – Royalty Free

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