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BP001 Analog Synths


1117 .WAV samples of Analog Synthesizers!
Warm and juicy one-shots, arps, chords, FX, etc!
Compatible with all software and hardware 🙂

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Chords – Basses – Arps – Plucks – Oneshots – Leads
*This pack is not loop heavy, it is meant for you to construct your own!

  • 1117 samples
  • 44.1khz .wav quality

Ever wanted the warm juicy sound of analog in your beats? Ever wish someone just played some interesting chords for you so you didn’t have to think about it? You’re in luck.

I’ve recorded several analog, and analog modelling synthesizers, playing different sounds and melodies. You have chords, bass notes, leads, crazy distorted abstract stuff, and a whole lot more! Everything is clearly labeled and ready for use in your favourite DAW or sampler.

Several sounds are played as one-shots with different octaves, meant for creating instruments in multi-samplers like Kontakt or ESX24.

Hope you enjoy this sample pack full of lush, warm, vibey synths!

Folders are divided between synthesizer. Filenames indicate the type of sound, e.g.: “MOPHO BASS Toxic 1.wav”.

Synths sampled, and number of sounds:

  • Waldorf Blofeld (40)
  • DSI Mopho (136)
  • DSI Mopho X4 (143)
  • Nord Lead A1 (115)
  • DSI Pro2 (427)
  • DSI Prophet 12 (443)
  • Bonus Piano (10)

2.42 GB uncompressed
2.28 GB compressed

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