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Bluewave (Reaktor 6)


A 3 oscillator subtractive synth with multiple filter types and effects.

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Note: This requires the full version of Native Instruments Reaktor 6 to be installed on your system. This will load inside of it.

Bluewave, a 3 oscillator subtractive synth with multiple filter types and effects.

A subtractive synthesizer that sounds awesome, looks awesome, is CPU friendly, and is easy to use. Also trying to increase the general waviness of life with some very emotional and understanding snapshots.

All controls are up-front and there is no panel switching. Most knob values are hidden. The design is based in both primary and core, in order to optimize CPU efficiency.

8 voice polyphony
Can be increased in settings; will increase CPU
3 variable shape oscillators (Sine, Tri, Saw, Pulse, BiSaw)
Frequency division-based sub oscillator
HQ switch to alter between primary and core-based oscillators, turn off to save CPU
Oscillator on/off switches; turn off unused oscillators to save CPU
OSC3 can be used as FM and mod source, or inserted in audio-path
OSC3 can be key-tracked or fixed pitch
Variable type low-pass filter, utilizing new Reaktor 6 filters
Key tracking, saturation and overdrive
3 velocity sensitive ADSR envelopes
2 Dual multi-destination LFOs
Variable shape (Sin, Tri, Pulse, Random, Etc..)
Hybrid primary/core design to optimize CPU
Separate vibrato controls
Tape wow and flutter
Bit crusher + clipper
Oscillator pitch drift
Switchable between Poly and Mono voice modes, with controls for Pitch Bend range and Glide time It is still recommended to change voices to 1 within the ensemble to maximize CPU efficiency
Customizable background with separate layers for BG colour and image overlay

Noise generator
Choose from wicked settings like “Beach” and “Mall”
Choose from wicked tape noises like “Hiss” and “Hum”
Noises are not gated. They will just kind of keep going unless you switch the section off.

Chorus section
No rate control, because you won’t need that where we’re going.

Filter types:
Primary Ladder
Primary LP2+LP4
Core Ladder LP2+LP4
Core Ladder NLB LP4
Core Ladder NLA LP4
Core Butterworth LP2+LP4
Core Ladder Diode NLA LP
Butterworth non-resonant high-pass filter


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